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.Kirkland Turmeric 1,000mg (兩顆含量)<br>秋鬱金薑黃素 240顆素食膠囊<br>{美國空運4} 預購 約一~兩週出貨
.Kirkland Turmeric 1,000mg (兩顆含量)
秋鬱金薑黃素 240顆素食膠囊
{美國空運4} 預購 約一~兩週出貨

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01. .Centrum Silver Men 50+
銀寶善存 50歲以上男性專用綜合維他命 275顆錠劑
{美國空運2} Non-GMO/Gluten Free 非基改無麩質
02. .Natures Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails
頭髮皮膚指甲 特效綜合維他命250顆快釋軟膠囊
{美國空運4} 含膠原蛋白,硫辛酸,生物素,玻尿酸
03. .TruNature Prostate Plus
男性前列腺保健複方 250顆軟膠囊 鋸棕櫚/蔓越莓/南瓜子/茄紅素/鋅硒
{美國空運3} 預購 約一~三週出貨
04. .Focus Factor Kids Chewable
兒童青少年 特效綜合維他命 150顆可嚼錠 健腦補憶專心
{美國空運4} 預購 約一~三週出貨
05. **GNC Folic Acid 400mcg
葉欣 葉酸 100顆素食錠 Vegetarian Tablet
{美國空運10} [促銷:2022年一月]
06. .GNC Herbal Plus Milk Thistle 200mg
牛奶薊 200顆素食膠囊 肝臟健康
07. *Natrol Melatonin 5mg TR
退黑激素 250顆長效緩釋素食錠 四瓶含運
(售價含美國郵局空運費) 預購 約一~三週出貨
08. .Nature Made Liquid Softgel Prenatal Multi+DHA
孕婦專用綜合維他命 150顆軟膠囊
{美國空運3} 預購 約一~三週出貨
.Osteo Bi-flex Triple Strength
三倍強效 葡萄糖胺+MSM+Joint Shield 5-Loxin 200顆易吞錠
{美國空運3} 預購 約一~三週出貨

  • 商品寄送方式:請參考頁面下方的說明

  • 保存期限:挑選賣場最佳效期商品

  • 使用建議:
    For adult, take two (2) caplets per day with food. You have the option of taking two caplets together or spread throughout the day.

  • 主要成份:每兩錠含以下
    Vitamin C 維他命C 60mg
    Manganese 錳 2mg
    Sodium 鈉 35mg
    Glucosamine HCl 葡萄糖胺 1,500mg
    Joint Shield™ 5-Loxin Advanced Boswellia serrate Extract 乳香木萃取 100mg
    Chondroitin/MSM Complex 軟骨素/有機硫 1,103mg

  • 包裝說明:
    Due to product improvements, the image shown may temporarily appear different from the product received.

  • 瓶身標示:
    Osteo Bi-FlexR promotes joint flexibility, comfort and range of motion by helping to support joint and cartilage health over time. As we age, the body is less able to renew and maintain the supportive cartilage structures surrounding joints and bones. In order to promote joint comfort, Osteo Bi-FlexR supplies the scientifically researched ingredients, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, at the most popular levels to help maintain and renew cartilage and joints. Plus Osteo Bi-FlexR contains added nutrients for joint health: Vitamin C, and Manganese.
    本產品改善關節柔軟度, 長時間幫助改善關節與軟骨的健康, 使維持舒適與活動力; 隨著年齡的增加, 身體對於更新與維護軟骨組織的能力逐漸減弱, 軟骨組織是包覆在關節骨骼外的成份; 為了改善使用者的關節舒適, 本產品除了含有關節保健重要成份: 葡萄糖胺與軟骨素之外, 還多加了有益關節健康的營養成份: 維他命C, 和 錳

    The key ingredient in Joint Shield™ is a potent extract of Boswellia serrate called 5-LOXIN™, which is 10 times more concentrated than typical Boswellia extracts. The 5-LOXIN in Joint Shield™ helps with joint flare-ups, and Boswellic extracts have also been shown to significantly improve knee comfort, knee mobility and increase walking distance.
    本產品中含有獨特的Joint Shield™, 其中具有生產專利技術的5-LOXIN™ 可以提供較一般乳香木萃取多十倍的有效成份, 有助於改善關節疼痛, 增加行走距離, 使膝蓋舒適並提高活動力

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 21 April, 2018.
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.GNC DHA 1,000mg Mini 每兩顆含量
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.Natures Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails
頭髮皮膚指甲 特效綜合維他命250顆快釋軟膠囊
{美國空運4} 含膠原蛋白,硫辛酸,生物素,玻尿酸
.Focus Factor 成人健腦補憶 綜合維他命 180顆錠劑 Tablet<br>PS腦磷脂+DMAE+石杉鹼甲+GABA+長春西丁<br>{美國空運4}
.Focus Factor 成人健腦補憶 綜合維他命 180顆錠劑 Tablet
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1 x .GNC TriFlex Fast-Acting *速效配方*三效固敏捷
葡萄糖胺+軟骨素+MSM+乳香膠+薑黃素 240顆易吞錠
1 x .GNC Lycopene 30mg of LYC-O-MATO
專利茄紅素 60顆軟膠囊 前列腺 心臟心血管保健
{美國空運7} 預購 約一~三週出貨
1 x .Qunol Mega Ubiquinol CoQ10 100mg
還原型活性輔酵素 120顆軟膠囊 Softgel
{美國空運4} 抗氧化 心臟保健
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三倍強效 葡萄糖胺+MSM+Joint Shield 5-Loxin 200顆易吞錠
{美國空運3} 預購 約一~三週出貨
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